Trainings for youngsters (Mustamäe)


Timetable (September - May):
Tue 19:00 Capoeira training (Marja 7)
Thu 19:00 Capoeira training (Marja 7)

Fr 17:00 Workout with Games (Pirita Top SPA)
Sat 12:00 Music class (Pirita Top SPA)
Sun 12:00 Acrobatics (Tallinna Ülikool)

Summer Timetable (June - August):
Tue 18:00 (Pirita Top SPA)
Thur 18:00 (Pirita Top SPA)

!If You want to come to the training please inform us before that (email/phone)

Trainers: Andrew, Arthur (Capoeira experience from the year 2000)
phone (+372) 56 673 603 (Arthur)
e-mail: capoeira[at]

First trainind is for FREE.
Month payment starts from 25 eur.

Training places:
Mustamäe tee 18

Pirita Top SPA hotell (entrance from the city center side, Fitness4U hall)
Address: Regati pst 1

Tallinna Ülikool (Acrobatics hall)
Address: Narva mnt 25

Pirita beach